About The Blog

The Flâneur’s blog was born out of a love for the streets. The streets are my source of inspiration, and these posts are my art. Each post is a collage; the pictures I take on the streets, combined with my notes illustrate encounters with people, sights, sounds and scents from each urban exploration.

I want this blog to inspire readers to explore and wander in unfamiliar places, and pay attention to what is taking place on the city streets.

About Me

My name is Elisheva Zeltzer, my professional training is in architecture, advertising and marketing, and in art therapy. I worked as a journalist for many years, and for twelve years I wrote a weekly column for Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. I am also the author of two books and several short stories.

My many years of urban exploring began in Paris, where I lived, home to the term flâneur. In French, a flâneur means aimless wanderer, and is a positive description. In 2000 I rediscovered the pleasure of wandering the streets of an unfamiliar city when I moved from Haifa to Tel Aviv.

When I created this blog in 2009, I refer to myself as a street journalist and a collector of experiences. The constantly changing streets bring out my most primordial qualities — curiosity, my need for constant interest and renewal, and eye for detail.